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Call for Young Voter Videos: What’s Your Why?

Young voters (ages 18 – 29) are invited to create videos under a minute long that motivate others to vote in every election: local, state and federal.

  • Make a video that answers the question: What’s Your Why? Share your personal reasons for voting.
    • Why do you vote?
    • What do you care about?
    • Why does your vote matter?
  • Tag our official accounts for a chance to win prizes and so we can repost. See below for list of prizes.
  • Use the hashtags “ArtTheVote” and “What’sYourWhy”
  • Post video on all your socials.
  • Tell your friends to enter and help Get Out The Young Vote.

Enter Your Video. Win a Prize!

What’s Your Why Drawing
Prizes drawn at random November 1, 2022
New items added monthly

$100 Civics Scholarship Awards


12 Month Subscription to Qobuz

A high-res music streaming service
 – More than 80 million tracks in the best sound quality available for streaming

Pizza Watch Party

Gift Certificate

Sub, Sides, and Soda Watch Party

Gift Certificate

Political Advocacy Art

Lady Liberty Bedecked: 11X17 print
Safe Harbor: 8X14 collage

Get Out The Young Vote

12-pack of original postcards by young artists

Book of Political Cartoons

From the New Yorker

Propaganda Prints

A History of Art in the Service of Social & Political Change by Colin Moore

100 Posters that Changed the World

by Colin Salter

$10 Gift Cards

X 10
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