A nonpartisan initiative to promote civic engagement among young voters
(ages 18 – 29) through artistic expression

Art the Vote

Call for Art: What’s Your WHY?

Young voters (ages 18 – 29) are invited to create short videos (30 sec. max) that motivate others to vote in every election: local, state and federal. 
Each video should answer the question: What’s your why? 
Video must convey maker’s personal reason for voting…in other words: Why I vote. Why I care. Why my vote matters. 

Each posted video submitted to Art the Vote will be entered into an awesome Raffle.


Open to Young Voters (ages 18 -29)
No Geographic Limitation


Rolling Submissions

Don’t wait to submit videos that describe Your Why. 
Young voices and visions are key to Getting Out the Young Vote this November.

Create Your Video.

Post on personal social media.
Tag “Art The Vote” to be entered into What’s Your Why? Raffle.
Check back here for list of prizes.
Raffle drawing: November 1, 2022
Double chances of winning a prize by uploading video to YouTube for hosting and set to public view.

“Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire, and motivate.”

~ Harvey Fierstein