Design A Sticker

Use this mini canvas to convince young people to vote.

Stickers live on laptops, book bags, street signs or the windows of empty stores —public or private places where you have a moment to make an impression.

Be Fierce; be funny; above all, be brief.

Create a sticky message to remind young people that they have a voice IF they vote.

Submissions must be uploaded no later than 11:59 PM on July 15, 2024.
6 Finalists selected by panel of youth advisors by August 1.
3 Winners decided by popular vote on the Internet by August 15.

Sticker Contest

Maximum of 6 entries per artist

1st Place Winner: $75 Gift Card

2nd Place Winner: $50 Gift Card

3rd Place Winner: $25 Gift Card

All submissions will be posted in Art The Vote’s Virtual Gallery

All submissions will be downloadable for printing & distribution through the website

All winners will be featured in a traveling exhibition with winning Artcards from Labor Day to Election Day, 2024

All winners will be printed in bulk for use at Get Out The Young Vote events

Submission Checklist

Messaging MUST be nonpartisan and apolitical (without political content or bias)

All quotes must be attributed to the source

Final Size: 1200px W x 600px H

Any Medium: Graphic and Text

File Format: jpg, jpeg, or png

Sign Your Work

When you upload your submission, you will have the option to include an artist statement (100 words max) in the submission description field

Artists under 18 years old must provide parental permission

All submissions become the property of Art The Vote for reproduction and non-commerical use by Get Out The Young Vote campaigns in the United States.